Devotional, What?

Good afternoon y’all!

Happy Wednesday

The following is not solely based upon writing devotionals.  Rather, it is in essence, a piece on pursuing each and every dream that you ever had or ever will dream.

Each night, while rocking my daughter to sleep, I typically brainstorm what exactly I am going to center my thoughts on + write on the following day. Most days, the “night before’s thoughts” take a back seat, are placed on my “Journaling Inspo'” list, and are saved for a rainy day. I cannot help but feel completely and totally inspired with each new day. Call me crazy!

But last night, as I rocked my daughter to sleep (we were going on 40-minutes at this point, sleep nowhere near on the horizon), I began to think more on devotionals. Specially, on how to write one. For those of y’all who do not know, a devotional is typically religious in nature, often used in religious worship, providing a specific reading for each day (Merriam-Webster, 2019).

The light bulb then flashed, each night, rather than spending time entirely brainstorming, why not write a short, meaningful and from-the-heart devotional, for any and all to read before shutting their eyes at night. For mama’s to read while rocking their little one’s to bed. For those, up in the middle of the night, trying so desperately to fall back asleep. For you. For me.  For us.

So that is exactly what I am going to do each night guys! At this moment in time, I cannot promise a specific time that each night’s devotional will be officially “published” at, but what I can promise, is that at some time before midnight, one will be posted! Because I can assure you, I sometimes need these words, just as much as you.

So, rather than waiting for it to (by chance) pop up on your social media feed, make sure to enter your e-mail address and follow/subscribe. That way, it will be sent directly to your e-mail Inbox for your reading pleasure! What is better than that; Easy peazy 👏🏼 (This feature can be found on your MOBILE device, by navigating to the “MEET ALYSSA” page, and scrolling to the bottom. Or, on your DESKTOP, in the right column of the page. Just make sure to confirm your subscription by pressing “accept” in the return e-mail that you receive (following subscribing)!

Have a wonderful rest of your day loves!

XO, ACD ♡🦋


Devotional. (2019). In Merriam-Webster. Retrieved April 24, 2019, from

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