Can y’all tell how excited I am, that it is the freakin’ weekend? CHEERS β™‘

Okay, so I just wanted to take a moment before I head out on errands, solo I might add (otherwise known as a mini vacay for one), I wanted to hop on and quickly share with y’all what products exactly I use daily and store in my makeup bag!

My go-to, everyday, day n’ night, all occasions makeup bag. . .

Featured above:

Brushes (top to bottom): Maskcara B Squared Brush (Bronzer + Blush); Maskcara The Detail HAC; Maskcara The Multitasker; (featured right) Eco Tools double ended Brow Brush; and (featured right) Maskcara Perfector Sponge.

Primer: Younique Touch Glorious Primer

Face (Foundation, highlight, contour, illuminator, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, eye liner, lipstick, and setting powder): Maskcara Mini Double Decker. . . YEP. ALL. OF. THAT. β™‘

Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous (Carbon Black)

Lippie: Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme (Clear)

What’s inside my HAC Stack you’re wondering. . . Pure freakin’ magic πŸ‘‡

Top layer
Photo by: Alyssa C Dodenhoff
Bottom Layer
Photo by: Alyssa C Dodenhoff

So there ya have it gals! You now have the ultimate 411 β™‘

Message me if interested in customizing your own magical palette; Visit @thecheekymidwesterner on IG!

Much love –

Maskcara, what? Why I took the leap of faith + how it has drastically changed my life

Hello y’all! Happy Sunday! What a beautiful freakin’ weekend, hallelujah πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

I cannot help but reminisce on how truly wonderful this weekend was.Β  How was your weekend?

I wanted to take a moment to share with y’all groundbreaking beauty products that have quite literally, changed my life.

I was recently approached by a beauty gal (with a beautiful heart + soul) on Instagram. She had out-of-the-blue reached out to me regarding a semi new-founded beauty and skincare product line. Little did I know at the time, it is truly an all-natural guru + minimalist’s (or as I like to call it, minimal(hot)MESS‘) dream. She had provided me with a glimpse into the magical world of HAC-ing and the revolutionary “5-Minute Face,” which consists of Maskcara’s IIID foundation system.

Like most of y’all when receiving a product-type message, you immediately ward it off. Given that, like most of y’all, you are already in love with the beauty products that you are currently using. And, if not in total love, you are ultra (hm, “Ulta”? How ironic.) comfortable using said products. AND, if you are like me, completely worried that a new product (especially if you have sensitive skin) will cause utter mayhem on your pretty face. I get it. Too much risk with an unknown reward. Why go for it?

Make sure to keep reading for a list of the many, many benefits and why the rewards SO outweigh the (if any) risks. The same risks that y’all take when trying new Sephora-brand name and drugstore beauty products β™‘

Weeks had gone by, and quite honestly, I became so frustrated with the lack of time that I had daily, that it took to look just semi decent and somewhat put together. Never mind, glam . . . HA!Β  I did not have 30-minutes to do my makeup and really and truly take the “adequate” amount of time required for me to apply the layers upon layers (of makeup) so that I looked put together and well-sculpted. Heck, I have 10-15-minutes total to shower, make my hair look somewhat decent (hence the new mom-do), and apply my makeup. So what, that gives me about 5-7-minutes tops to allocate to makeup, huh? Unless you are an expert, no, a freakin’ wizard, how the heck can you start to finish do your makeup in such short a time span?

My frustrations at this point had gotten the best of me, and I had swirled into a makeup-free funk.

Then, the lightbulb went off… Maskcara, what?

I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep when the thought had entered my mind. I became so wrapped up in my thoughts that I literally could not sleep, I was so excited. I had immediately the next morning contacted infamous Instagram girl, and had asked her for more information regarding their products and their Artist program.

From start to finish, the conversation had lasted mere minutes, and it had ended with me impulsively signing on to become an Artist. I cannot describe it, other than it just felt right. It felt as if it were through God’s will, that I was led to this moment.

You’re thinkin’ I’m crazy, right?

Well, what I can tell you, is that I fall more and more in love with this beauty line each and every day. I have more time to spend with my daughter, heck, more time to do the things that I love. And honestly, I have never gotten more compliments… My skin has never looked better. I’m glowing.

I know that I am an exception from the rest. I am super impulsive. I trust my gut. I trust God, truly, just leaving it in His hands.

I guess I wanted to share this with you guys for a number of reasons. . .

  1. One, if you’re like me, HELL YA! You’re not crazy for being impulsive, youΒ areΒ just badass;
  2. Two, trusting your gut is important, but trusting God and his plan isΒ evenΒ more important;
  3. When in doubt, just go for it. If you want it badly enough, it will work, because you will make it work; and lastly,
  4. If you have not tried Maskcara beauty yet, what in the heck are you waitin’ for sista! Why fuss over your makeup, when you can spend that saved time, spending time with your loved ones, doing what you love, writing, praying, working out…

So, what are you waiting for?Β  Don’t just take my word for it, click here to read others’ testimony.

Get out there gorgeous.


  • Founded on the premises that makeup should be fun, quick + easy AND that it should not cover up your natural beauty, but rather, enhance it;
  • Provides buildable coverage, with a weightless and natural finish;
  • Super affordable, comparable with drugstore makeup pricing;
  • Few + natural-rooted ingredients;
  • Ingredients are CRUELTY free, GLUTEN free + PARABEN free;
  • Everything is so gosh darn pretty, literally drool-worthy;
  • Sleek and simple: ONE small palette and ONE double-sided brush to achieve a full face; and lastly, I want to ask you:
  • Hate how foundation (may it be liquid, cream, or powder) drowns out your complexion?Β  UGH, annoying.Β  Stuck applying layers and layers of contour, highlight, bronzer, blush and illuminator?Β  UGH, even more annoying.Β  Well, you can leave those “UGH” moments at the door, because with Maskcara’s IIID foundation, you’ll be experiencing more “AH” (breath of fresh air) moments.

For y’all wanting more information, be sure to reach out either through the “Contact” section of this online journal, or through messaging on my Instagram page β™‘

Have a blessed week!

XO, ACD β™‘πŸ¦‹

The Millionth Thing

The Millionth Thing

Hey y’all; Happy Friday!

I am totally relishing in my mini-(six-day)-vacation from classes. It has been P U R E bliss.

This week has been a total week of self-reflection. Although I practice (this) daily, I have found myself (this week) consciously setting aside time in my thoughts to truly reflect. I wholeheartedly feel that as humans we never quite stop growing. Each day we evolve, closing the gap between ourselves and our true-self.

If we view ourselves (i.e., our actions, thoughts, personality, likes/dislikes) as fixed and set, we limit ourselves from growing + reaching our true-self.

For instance, when I had started as a consultant for “Y,” I had used it as an “extreme,” so-to-speak, motivator in ditching my comfort zone. Titling my first ever business page “Midwest Glam,” I was determined to transform myself (in the most positive way) into the “golden” YouTube makeup vlogger.

Over the weeks, and through self-reflection, I realized that that was simply not me. I never (nor do I now), wear makeup everyday. I am a simple girl, with simple taste. Don’t get me wrong y’all, I freakin’ love makeup! And, I love me some all-natural, good-for-ya, and ultra-quality beauty products. But, truthfully, I only ever glam-it-up for special occasions + for when I am feelin’ extra sassy and want to get made up.

I think that I speak for most of us when I say that, am I right?So, I adjusted. I’ve adapted. And, I have recreated myself + evolved. Ultimately, I have (yet again) fueled my growth.

So without further ado, I present to y’all, A Simple Gal’s Guide to Glam.