Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt

Feeling guilty for feeling frustrated and overwhelmed? Yep. Right there with ya mama.

Little Miss Brooklyn Meadow has been havin’ herself a dang day. She threw me for a curveball with her morning nap. Just when I thought (with good reason I might add) that she was getting herself into a napping routine, she decided to switch things up on me. 10:30 nap time turned into 1:30, mom I’m too tired to eat lunch, nap time. Meal times have turned into food fights. The good ol’ toddler days as most of you seasoned mamas like to call it, yes, they most certainly are upon us.

Today I have felt overwhelmed more times than I felt calm and at peace.

And now, while I sit out here with my beautiful baby while she plays in her kiddie pool on this beautiful 90° Oklahoma day, I cannot help but feel like a really, really guilty #blessedmama.

I cannot help but feel upset with myself for feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Is it because I am overtired? Possibly. Maybe it is because I have not had a free moment to myself in literal weeks because Rob has been so busy with work? That too is a very good possibility.

So then I just have to ask, why, why as mamas are we always so hard on ourselves? I don’t care if you are a stay-at-home mama or a working mama or a working from home, stay-at-home mama. . . We are all on the same struggle bus. #MOMLIFE. Our job, as a mama, is darn tough. We have a lot on our plates! Between keeping the tiny humans alive and taking care of our spouses, our fur babies, our homes, etc., our plates are legitmentally overflowing. Like, we are almost at (needing a) second plate status.

I then ask myself, why, why can’t we look at all of the good we put out into the world, the good that we (more often than not) show our tiny humans on the daily? Why is it, that we are always seemingly striving for perfection? Plain ol’ simple, why can’t we give ourselves a darn break?

And I am sure if y’all have read to this point you’re looking for the golden answer. The end all, be all answer to solve this widespread problem that we are all facing (#momprobs). And I hate to break it to you mamas, but I really don’t have the answer. . . If you’d like, I can link the dozens and dozens of blogs and articles that I have come across in my journey of solving what seems like a “me” problem. However, throughout my search, I was disappointed in my ability to find the proverbial golden ticket.

But here is what I have found to help me (and it may just help y’all too):

First off, remind yourself that you’re a great, not just a good parent, a great one. Repeat after me: “I am a great parent!” I dare you to say this a thousand of times until you are blue in the face! If you didn’t give a damn, you wouldn’t be! Feeling frustrated is normal. Think about all of your non-mom-ing experiences throughout the day that leave you frustrated as all heck. It’s so N O R M A L.

Second, just breathe. Breathe mama, breathe. This too shall pass. You’re human, it is normal to experience overwhelming and frustrating feelings. Be thankful that you aren’t a dang robot who doesn’t experience any sort of emotion whatsoever.

Third, what I have found to help combat my feelings that are overwhelming and frustrating in nature, is to just laugh. Literally, laugh it off. You know what is frustrating you more than anything? Your dang laundry list of to-do’s. Well guess what, they can freakin’ wait! Your laundry, yep, that can get done tomorrow. The work that you have been trying to get to all day? The heck with it. Once your kiddos eventually get down for a nap, or to sleep at the end of the day, get er’ done mama. . . They don’t call us “MOM” for nothing (“MOM” upside down is “WOW” – Curtesy my mama, thank ya girly!). I promise you, once you mentally chuck your laundry list, your current tornado of a situation will either completely take a turn for the better, if not at least, lessen from an F6 (this is literally movie-grade tornado) to a F0 (we Okie’s experience this every other day when we face a storm) real quick.

Lastly mamas, just let it go. Ya heard me right. Let. It. Go. Move it along, and enjoy every precious second you have with your babes. Make each consequent second better than the last. Join mama groups, whether they be in person or virtual – Connect with other mamas, and do what we gals do best, chat it up. You’ll really start to see that you aren’t alone!

And if all else fails, just remember: “There ain’t no hood like motherhood,” and y’all are oh so blessed to be apart of it.

Sweet dreams loves!

Much love –

Prince Charming + Tito’s

Happy Tuesday y’all!

So, let’s talk Mother’s Day mamas. . . And, let’s be really, really real.

My Mother’s Day definitely did not play out as I had expected.  Did yours?

Throughout all of the years of waiting. . . Waiting for my husband to get home after the end of a long week of traveling, waiting for him to come home after months of training, I have found that the hardest part of the waiting game comes just days before their arrival.  The excitement, the expectations. . . They all start to build up.

Just a lil’ background info for y’all: My husband was on a weekend flight this past weekend, and so Brooklyn Meadow, Lemon, and myself enjoyed a girl’s weekend in.  Filled with pizza dates and tiny adventures, we had greatly anticipated the return of our knight in shining armor.

My mind had switched over to fantasy mode, and I began to enter a dream-like state.  In my head, I had dreamt up the perfect outfit, the perfect hello, the perfect kiss.  In my head, I could see him running to me and engulfing me in a full embrace.  I pictured him holding me tight, never wanting to let go.  A day filled with sharing stories and stealing kisses.  Can y’all tell I am a dreamer or what?

So, on Sunday when I had received the “OK” to leave for the airport, my mind went into overdrive.  My handsome husband in his flight suit was going to walk off the runway, run to me and hold his girls tightly.  We were going to spend the afternoon brunchin’, drinking mimosas on the patio overlooking cornfields.  We would spend the rest of the evening as a family, on a walk, relaxing, appreciating one another.


“Hey babe?  Can we go home so that I can change out of my flight suit?” *Cue Brooklyn Meadow crying, crankily anticipating a nap in the backseat*

My fairytale began to unravel as we got closer and closer to home.

I was discouraged, disappointed, upset.

Needless to say, after getting home, we spent the remainder of the day inside quietly, as my husband napped.

Was I mad as hell?  Yes.  At him.  At the situation.  The day.  Myself.  Yes.

And here is why I love writing so dang much.  Because writing has and had allowed me to reflect on the situation.  It allows (and had allowed) me to see my written perspective against a blank, unbiased canvas.  Without my mind interrupting, I can (and did) truly mediate and reflect on my situation.

My husband didn’t “ruin” my Mother’s Day.  I didn’t ruin it.  No one ruined it.  It just didn’t turn out as I had expected.

I, simply, in the midst of dreaming, had lost sight of my reality.

In my dream-like state, I failed to factor in that my husband worked hard and long hours all weekend.  He was physically and mentally exhausted.  He had an early morning and a set of flights to prepare for the next day.  I, on the other hand, was running on very little sleep and as a result was irritable and on edge.

Often, we brew expectations in our mind automatically and subconsciously.  We simply cannot help it.

In the end gals, we should never release ourself from knowing our self-worth and carrying forth what we know and believe we deserve.  And although our expectations form suddenly and without warning, we must learn to separate our fairytale expectations from reality.  Hold up – I am not saying stop dreaming!  No, no, no.  We must just be mindful.  At the end of the day, life is going to pan out the way it is supposed to pan out ♡

Ultimately y’all, God’s (the Universe’s, whomever or whatever you believe in’s) expectations for our life are sometimes different than our expectations for our life.

So, just ride the wave.  Be thankful.  Practice gratitude.  Give yourself a little grace.  It is okay that you aren’t always super mindful of your blessings in the heat of the moment.  Forgive yourself.  Allow yourself to grow from it. #glowup

And sometimes, you just need to sit back, relax, have a little Tito’s and let life happen.

Much love –


I had this conversation with Rob a number of weeks back.  Yesterday, out of the clear blue, I had felt completely and utterly compelled to get it out on paper.  Or in this instance, get it out on paper, and then transfer it from paper to keyboard.

How many of you are like me, and prefer the act of physically writing over typing?

Anyways, for starters, I think that it is appropriate that I start off by mentioning to y’all, that I am the 👑 of similes and metaphors.  I’m tellin’ ya, I really, really am.

I am going to be super blunt y’all.  The military lifestyle sometimes just ain’t easy.  I do not care how optimistic you are, we all experience weak moments, where we can literally pick apart and list all of the “negatives” of a situation in a half a second flat.  It is just human nature, especially for us gals!

For those of you who do not know, my husband, Rob, is in the midst of his pilot training for the United States Air Force.  So although this is singlehandedly the longest that I have had him consistently home for, realistically we spend most of our days apart.  I however will add, even though he is gone for a majority of each day, I am pretty dang blessed to have him home period.

Anyways, back to my story.  So as many of you can imagine (and I’m sure most of you experience), the stress begins to pile up.  It is inevitable.  A few loads of laundry (thank you Lord for providing me with the clothes necessary to clothe me and my family), a high-energy toddler (thank you Lord for this lil’ mini-me blessing of mine), and the everyday stressors of life will do that to ya.  Y’all get it.

So a few weeks back, in true me fashion, I greeted my husband at the door with a little comin’ to Jesus talk.  You know, those super honest and frank, often unpleasant convos… Especially the ones that you present to your husband, fiancé, boyfriend with, the second that they walk through the door after a long days of work.

I had been frustrated with never getting a break, a true moment to myself to unwind and recharge. In hindsight, it truly wasn’t his fault.  But because I couldn’t take my frustrations out on the inanimate “situation” that was the root of my frustrations, my husband inevitably became my target.  If you’re reading this babe, I am sorry again!

Although I will mention, that this talk certainly brewed for a reason, as it had left me inspired and had offered me a fresh, more positive perspective on life.

To keep it simple y’all, I had equated everything in life to a garden.  Yes, you heard me right, a garden.

I had explained to him (and to myself, because honestly my brain truly has a mind of its own – It literally shocks me when I hear what it is saying out loud all the dang time), that in order for a garden to flourish it must be consistently attended to. Consistency.  Sure gardens require love, nourishment, and care.  But none of that is good enough without ensuring that our love, nourishment, and care is consistently provided.  You can’t just water your garden with buckets and buckets of water one day, and then go back a week later when you’re feeling up to it, to re-water and give yo’ garden some love.  No.  Chances are, your plants were drowned by the over saturation and since dehydration from the days and days without water.  Loving our garden consistently requires taking the effort and making the time to water our garden and care for it daily.  Not just when we feel like it.  Each of us is a garden.  Our life is a garden.  Each task we take on (i.e., our careers, for small business owners, our businesses).  We/it/they require love, nourishment, and care.  In order to sustain balance, consistency is required in its most basic form.  Inconsistency and neglect can be damaging.

And even if we do all of the right things, and always are consistent, that sista ho is not going to create an impermeable force field to prevent bugs and animals from intruding.  No, they will still get in.  They will still cause us headaches, and troubles, and unpleasant moments.  It is the same with life.  Just because we may be doing all of the right things, that doesn’t mean that we are never going to have to cross rocky waters.  That are business successes will never take a dip.  That we will never get laid off.

We may not have perfection or constant stability, but we have God, and that completely supersedes perfection.

I guess, my point in sharing this will y’all, is to highlight two things:

  1. The root of life and human nature is really quite simple.  As complex as you or I may sometimes think humans, human nature, and life is, it really isn’t.  It is a dang garden!
  2. Cash step aside. (Just kidding!)  “Consistency is King.”

Oh!  And for all you ladies reading this, make sure to tell your spouses tonight that your on/off nagging and your every so often coming to Jesus talks, yeah those all “happen for a reason” and (you can tell em’) are from time to time the root of your inspiration and freshened perspective on life.  See men – We really do have a reason for everything we do *cue wink face.*

So with that gals, go forward and have a sparklin’ weekend, and happy mama’s day to all you mama’s out there.  Y’all are so loved and appreciated.

Much love –


Tonight Lord, we pray for the mamas who never feel as if there is enough time in a day. They constantly are in fight or flight mode, whether they be caring for their children, their spouse, and/or their loved ones. Time for themselves becomes obsolete, and in their free moments, they find themselves left with guilt at the thought of using that time for themselves. Be with these mamas Lord. Show them that they too, need to practice self-care. That they too, need a break, a relaxing moment, a recharge. Be with these mamas Lord. Tonight, tomorrow, and everyday. In Jesus’ name, Amen