Tonight Lord, we pray for those who place their confidence in the flesh, rather than in You. In a world ruled by self-confidence in the flesh, we are sometimes misguided into believing that we should place our confidence in ourselves, rather than in You. For You Lord make all things possible and good. So Lord, we ask that you help us make this “shift.”

For when we put our trust in God, our lives take a new focus and stability.

We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen

Livin’ Simply

I hate missing a bloggin’ day y’all!

If y’all follow my Instagram stories (@thecheekymidwesterner), y’all probably saw that my day was filled with eye doctor visits, Walmart runs (although supporting Walmart, makes me cringe), and various other daily tasks. There truly is, never a dull moment.

Though most of my days are always filled with a million and ten things to do, I can’t say that they aren’t productive, or that I don’t feel incredibly blessed to be able to even get up out of bed each morning and just plain ol’ simple live life out to its fullest each and every day.

The other day however, when we (the entire military base) lost power due to a blown transformer, I was the farthest thing from upset. I, truthfully, love being forced to live a bit more slowly, a bit more simply.

It had been mid-morning when I had come home from my walk to a dark, silent house. Little Miss Brooklyn Meadow had fallen asleep on our morning walk, and I immediately procured a list of maybe five “out of power” things to do.

I had started off by taking a shower in the soft glow produced by a small utility flashlight that we had lying around. I had then applied my makeup in the (super new, Ross find) mirror in my bedroom, the floor-to-ceiling windows allowing for plenty of natural light.

Following getting ready, I had walked into my kitchen. Per the usual, clothes needed folding, dishes needed washing, thank-you cards needed writing. Instead my war journal caught my eye, and I just began to plain n’ simply write. It felt so incredibly good to just simply be in that moment. To just shut off from the world and live.

I truly think and feel that we would benefit from frequent “power downs.” In our fast-paced, technology-based society, dedicating an allotted amount of time out of each day to just power down and enjoy the moment is the perfect neutralizing cocktail for our mind, body, and soul. Our most recent power outrage reminded me of such.

With that y’all, have a blessed weekend!

And for any of you who plan on “powering down” this weekend, please, please, please share your experience with me!

With love –